Sana Fela SHINE FREE Oil Control Cream
Improves oily skin!
Sana Fela ShineFree Oil Control Cream (Patent Pending) contains extracts from tangerines that have high concentrations of Nobiletin, a flavenoid that has been scientifically proven to reduce the production of oil by your sebaceous glands. Less oil means less shine and healthier looking skin!

Fast results!
Use as recommended and you can expect to see results within about a week. Radiant, healthy looking skin can be yours in just a week!

Contains all natural ingredients!
Our ShineFree Oil Control Cream only contains the highest quality Tangerine Extracts that have been emulsified in an oil free moisturizing base. It will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. And it smells great too, tantalizing you with a subtle hint of tangerine!

Use as a night cream!
SHINE FREE Oil Control Cream can be used as a night cream. Apply a small amount to the affected skin and gently massage. You will only need a small amount. A little dab will go a long way!
SHINE FREE Oil Control Cream

0.25 Oz Jar --- $12.00

1.5 Oz Jar --- $24.00
Six times the amount for only
double the price!

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