Amazing Nobiletin Properties – Not Just for Your Oily Skin!

Nobiletin Reduces Oil Production in Skin
Our ShineFree Oil Control Cream has been discovered by more and more people with oily skin issues. As is discussed elsewhere on this blog, citrus fruits, and in particular tangerines, contain relatively large amounts of Nobiletin. This compound has been shown to reduce the amount of oil that is produced by the skin. Our exclusive patent-pending ShineFree Cream contains a special extract from tangerine peels that is enriched in Nobiletin.
If you ever wondered what other things Nobiletin can do, this post is for you. As it turns out, Nobiletin also has several other important beneficial properties. This post illustrates these, and you will find that this compound has the potential for great future medical applications. There are a number of papers that describe the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of Nobiletin. This post describes some of the work of Akira Murakami and co-workers (Ref 1).
Nobiletin Reduces the Generation of Free Radicals
Free radicals are molecules that can be produced by white blood cells during an immune response. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules and can damage cells and cause inflammation and even cancer. Because the consumption of citrus fruits has been found to be beneficial for cancer prevention, Muarkami’s group decided to study various extracts of satsuma mandarins, one of the most popular citrus fruits in Japan. When they tested the various fractions, they found that the fractions that contain Nobiletin were able to reduce by up to 58% the production of free radicals by cells that had been stimulated to produce them.
Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Nobiletin
The researchers also looked at the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative activity of Nobiletin on skin. When skin gets severely irritated, activated white blood cells accumulate in the affected area. This in turn causes inflammation. The researchers showed that if they treated the skin with Nobiletin they could reduce by 3-fold the number of white blood cells that accumulate in the skin, significantly reducing the amount of inflammation.
Nobiletin Reduces Tumor-Formation
As one might expect, based upon it’s suppressive effects on free radicals and inflammation, Nobiletin is effective in the prevention of a variety of skin tumors. Indeed, the researchers were able to show  that topical applications of Nobiletin at very low concentrations were able to reduce skin tumor incidence by up to 43% and the number of skin tumors per incidence by up to 76% (Ref 1).
In summary, Nobiletin is a powerful compound with several beneficial medicinal properties.
1. Murakami A, et al (2000) Inhibitory effect of Citrus Nobiletin on Phorbol Ester-induced Skin Inflammation, oxidative Stress, and Tumor Promotion in Mice.  Cancer Research 60: 5059-5066