Sana Fela Customer Satisfaction Study
*ShineFree Acne Control Cream was formerly known as Tangerine Anti Shine Cream

As scientists, we love numbers and data. We have known since the introduction of our Tangerine Anti-Shine Cream in December of ’09 that it is highly effective for the large majority of people that purchased it. Of course, we already knew how effective Anti-Shine Cream is at controlling oily skin based on the science behind the product and the reports from our testing panel. But there is nothing like seeing it in numbers. The opinion and satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance to us, so every customer receives an email from us, asking them to send us any comment, complaint, or question they want via our feedback form.
We tallied up all the responses we received since the introduction until now, expressed the results as a percentage and created the graph to the right. The results were better than we dared to hope. A whopping 96% of customers either told us that the Tangerine Anti-Shine Cream substantially improved their oily skin, or had no comments.

Only a small percentage (4%) told us that they did not like the product. We are pleased to have made nearly all customers happy; to ensure the satisfaction of every customer, Sana Fela has a liberal customer service and refund policy.

We love to hear from our customers that our products work for them, and also want to understand why some people were not happy. So, we encourage everyone to let us know how things are going. We strive to develop the best products possible. In return we ask our customers to be honest with us.

Maybe some of you are reading this page, but don’t quite know what Sana Fela Tangerine Shine Free Cream is and what it does. In short, this product reduces oil production in the skin. It contains a special extract made from tangerines that contains nobiletin. This compound reduces the activity of your sebaceous glands and with regular use provides less oily skin. Click here for
more information on nobiletin and oily skin.

We close this post by thanking our customers for the trust they put in us when they purchase our products. Our goal is to provide you all with tools to get healthier, better looking skin. However, our products can’t help anybody unless people know about it. So, if you like our products, tell your friends!     …What are you waiting for?  C’mon, pick up that phone!  Send that tweet!  Post to your wall!  We will be right here when you get back!