Can An Apple a Day Keep Your Acne Away?

OK, so may be that  is a bit of an exaggeration.
An apple a day doesn’t REALLY keep acne away.
… Or does it?

We’ll give it to you straight.

The fact of the matter is that eating right is a large part of being acne free.  Perhaps you don’t want to hear this, but eating fast food a couple times a week and eating pizza every other day is not going to help to get you acne free.

Eating healthily is important for all kinds of reasons. Maintaining acne free skin is just one of them.

In some ways, acne is a creation of the modern food industry. Processed foods wreak all kinds of havoc on our health. Currently, many types of food are processed with high amounts of fat and sugar, or corn syrup. Why? Because these are cheap ingredients, and produce a product that people immediately like, and therefore will purchase. Additionally, people have been conditioned to believe that processed foods are healthy, and are not scrutinizing the ingredient list.

So, to get back to the apple:  If you really would be eating an apple a day, your other food choices may also be healthier. If you eat an apple a day, hopefully you’ll also pick up some vegetables and salad from the produce section. Maybe, just for today,  you let the pizza pass you by. The sum total of all the better choices you make, will in fact make you healthier over time. And so, starting with an apple a day, you can indeed keep your acne away !