Sana Fela Acne Treatment
We are proud of Sana Fela Acne Cream. Our testing panel raved about how well the product cleared up acute acne lesions. Have a look at the description below and if you are interested go to our store to order a jar today!
Science Based Sana Fela Acne Treatment contains tea tree essential oil that has scientifically been proven to fight Acne and reduce the number of acne comodones, papules and pustules.
Transdermal Eucalyptus essential oil has transdermal properties that unlock your skin to rapidly carry the active ingredients (tea tree oil) into your skin to where it can fight the harmful Acne bacteria.
Natural The active ingredients in Sana Fela Acne Treatment are natural essential oils of the highest quality.
Blue Malle Eucalyptus

Does not dry skin Sana Fela Acne Treatment does not contain harsh chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide and salicilic acid that will leave your skin dry and damaged. It penetrates your skin quickly and feeds it from the inside out. It will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth.
Single Product Sana Fela Acne Treatment is a single product. There is no need to heal the skin after harsh multistep treatments such as dermal scrubs, followed by harsh chemicals that damage your skin. It clears up your skin and eliminates acne fast while gently soothing and refreshing your skin.
Herbs are known to have many powerful healing properties. Unfortunately, many herbal treatments are based on folklore and myth rather than scientific fact and may not work. At Sana Fela we look at science to guide us in the formulation of our products. There are a number of objective studies that show the effectiveness of tea tree, eucalyptus and mint essential oils to fight bacteria such as the ones that cause Acne. For example, the graph shows the effectiveness of tea tree oil (blue bars) as compared to placebo (red bars) for different types of Acne lesions.

Instructions for Use*
Apply a small amount to skin in the morning and in the evening. Gently massage into the skin. The cream will absorb very quickly and leave your skin soft and refreshed. You only will need a small amount.
* A small percentage of people show allergy symptoms to certain essential oils. If your skin develops a rash or looks irritated, discontinue use. If you have a history of allergy to tea tree or eucalyptus oil or to any of its components you should not use this product.
* This product will sting your eyes. Do not apply around the eyes and be careful not to get any cream into your eyes.
* For external, skin applications only. Do not ingest. Essential oils may be toxic if taken internally.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

All Sana Fela Products all have a money back guarantee!