Guys - this page is devoted to you. Underplayed in the media is the fact that men need products to care for their skin just as much as women do. Guys deal with break-outs and oily skin just like anyone else. The important thing to do is to take control and treat the issues that prevent you from putting your best face forward.

Skin care is important. Be sure to wash your face at least once a day, and use the proper treatments to address acne, oilyness or dryness. Acne
is so problematic when it comes to shaving! Watch what you eat - check out our articles on diet and lifestyle, since these factors have an impact upon your skin.

Buy Sana Fela to treat oily skin and acne. Our products are based upon scientific research, and are popular because they work. The ‘Scientifically Speaking’ section contains info on some of the research behind our products.

Take charge today, and put your best face forward tomorrow!

A Testimony from One of Our Male Customers -

“My nose has been oily with enlarged pores. I have noted a significant reduction in the oiliness and a marked reduction in the size of the pores. This is only after a few days of using Sana Fela MAX. It does work as it is claimed, and I will definitely be getting more.” Peter M. from Fisher, Australia

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